August 28th – Hight Don’t Make it Right

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“Those who think they are above improvement, typically live below their potential” – Kenneth Kuykendall

     John Holliday was the founder and editor of the publication The Indianapolis News. One day while reading a particular article, he noticed the world height spelled as hight. Perturbed about the incident, Holliday demanded to know who was responsible for the misspelling. When the original copy of that edition was discovered, it was indicated that Holliday himself was to blame.

Refusing to acknowledge his wrongdoing, Holliday said, “Well, if that’s the way I spelled it, it has to be right.” For thirty years, the publication blatantly misspelled the word height in every edition of their paper.

When we reject the notion that we may possibly be wrong, we set ourselves up for widespread scrutiny. Just because you spell height hight, doesn’t mean you are right! Sydney Howard Gay said, “Pride is to character like the attic to the house – the highest part, and generally the most empty.” No one lives a mistake-free life, and to believe otherwise is a recipe for failure. Those who think they are above improvement, typically live below their potential. Drop your pride so that you can reach your greatest hights…excuse me, heights.


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