August 27th – Joggin’ with ‘Possums

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“Life is either a daring adventure or absolutely nothing” –Helen Keller

     It’s one of my favorite things to do. There is something about getting up early in the morning and jogging in the neighborhood. All is quiet, all is dark, and all is peaceful around my home. With earphones plugged in, and worship music prepared, I get ready to spend the next half hour walking and talking with the Lord. But on that particular morning I had company.

I was almost finished with my regular route; it was time to start slowing my pace. As my trot turned into a plod, I sensed some movement behind me. Taking my earphones out and turning slowly to see the commotion, I was shocked to see an opossum right behind me. Apparently he (it) had darted out of the patch of woods trying to cross the road. I suddenly felt the urge to speed my run back up to a full-on sprint. I have been chased by dogs before, but never an opossum. I believe I startled it (him), as much as it (he) startled me. Needless to say, we quickly left one another’s company without any sad farewells.

That morning I not only finished my route in record time, I learned that the smallest and ugliest things can disrupt your walk with God. As you jog peacefully along the path of life, stay on guard. You never know when the devil will send one of his opossums along to throw you off course.


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