August 25th – Jesus at Your House

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“The Church is God’s, and the Home is God’s – they should work together” – Paul Chappell

     There was a local church that sponsored a family day for the community. The entire day was committed to the promotion of family time and family values. Many of the couples came down with their children and prayed to be more committed one to another. After the service one couple noticed that their little four-year old boy was sitting on the pew crying. When they asked him what was wrong he said, “The preacher said he wanted me to be raised in a Christian home…but I want to stay with you guys.”

Interestingly enough, there are many Christians who do not have Christian homes. Just because believers live in a house together does not necessarily mean that the home has a Christian environment. A Christian home embraces God’s design for the family. A Christian home loves and honors one another. A Christian home has the Word of God as its defense. A Christian home has a spirit of harmony and grace. A Christian home prays together and seeks God’s will together.

No, a Christian home is not a perfect place; but it does attempt to live by the blueprints given in God’s Word. Do you have a Christian home? We understand the great need of having Jesus Christ as the Lord of our hearts; but we also need Him as the Lord of our homes.


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