August 20th – Be a Blessing to the Youth

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“Do you not know that your children have precious and immortal souls within them? They are not all flesh” –Cotton Mather

     If we are going to make an impact in the lives of young people, we must do it quickly, emphatically, and intentionally –they grow up pretty fast, and if you don’t influence their faith, heart, and mind at a tender age, it is certain, someone else will. I know many young people who are growing into fine young Christians. And when you consider the context of their daily lives, such spiritual growth is a praise-worthy accomplishment.

Their world is vastly different than the world of their parents. The culture at large fights for their attention and affection. They are exposed and connected, much sooner, to pervasive and wicked worldviews. They are inundated with relative thinking and humanistic mindsets. They are pressured to adopt a “coexist” philosophy of life, which ironically promotes toleration for all views except Christianity. If the church fails to make investments into the youth department, the church will eventually cease to exist. I, for one, do not believe they are the “church of tomorrow.” I believe they are a vital part of today’s church.

Make a special effort to encourage a young person this week. Give them a call, send them a card, call out their name in prayer, give them a gift. Make an investment in their lives and enjoy the dividends for generations to come.


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