August 18th – Prayer Partner Qualities

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“When you pray for anyone, you tend to modify your personal attitude toward them” –Norman Vincent Peale

     Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer does not fit us for a greater work; it is the greater work.” We all know the importance and power of prayer, but for some reason, it is an area of weakness for most believers. Bearing the burden of emotional and spiritual weights can fatigue your soul, discourage your heart, and stymie your growth. That is why the Bible instructs us to pray with, and for, one another. We often struggle in prayer because we go at it all alone.

Rarely does a single soldier obtain victory in his own strength. It is seldom that a farmer yields a fruitful crop without the assistance of many laborers. Churches and families are never constituted without the power of partnership. In short, we need one another. Having a prayer partner will not take away the bumps on the journey of life, but it can make the experience more tolerable. However, before you pick up anyone for the ride, you should make sure you are partnering with the right person.

  1. Make sure your prayer partner is someone you can trust
  2. Make sure they are themselves committed to spiritual growth
  3. Make sure they promote God’s will over their own advice
  4. Make sure they attempt to live by the standard of God’s Word
  5. Make sure they will hold you accountable


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