August 15th – Do you pry or pray?

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“The greatest tragedy in life is not unanswered prayer; but unoffered prayer” –E.M. Bounds

     When text-messaging first came out, I did not really like it. It was difficult to type the words and I felt it was an impersonal way to communicate. However, after getting used to the format, I have learned to love it. It is a quick way to communicate, and it allows me to keep at task while engaging in various conversations with others.

Not long ago I sent a text message to a friend in the ministry. He was dealing with some personal issues, and I wanted to encourage him with a few words of kindness. I intended to say in the message, “I have been praying for you.” Well, as you know, many times the words don’t type out the way you want them to. Instead of saying “I have been praying for you” it came up, “I have been prying on you.” Big difference, huge difference.

Thankfully I was able to correct it before I sent over the message; but as I looked at the words on my phone, I wondered which was more accurate. Do we pry on people as much as we pray for people?   We look at their lives, we question their motives, we examine their faults, we discuss their attitudes. Let’s admit it, sometimes we pry. The next time you find yourself prying on someone, try praying for them. It could save you from an embarrassing text.


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