August 13th – Convenient-Store Faith

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“Knowledge of the truth comes with the surrender of the will” –R.A. Torrey

     Cravings. Sometimes I have them late at night. I call it the chocolate-itch; and it will not go away until I drown a few Reese’s cups (chocolate manna) with a tall glass of Mayfield milk. The problem, however, is that I have three growing boys in my household, and they devour any and everything that contains sugar. I cannot tell you how many late-night runs I have made to the convenient store near my home to scratch my itch.

     They call it the convenient store for a reason: it is convenient. I can be there in just a few minutes. Everything is easily accessible. No long aisles. No far-away parking spaces. No buggies with noisy wheels. In and out with ease, and my chocolate delight is in hand. But as you know, the convenience of the convenient store is reflected in the inconvenient prices. Yes, you will pay more at the convenient store.

     Many believers want convenient-store Christianity. They look for something quick, something easy, something to scratch their short-term itch.   But the truth is, living with such convenience is expensive. Be sure to inventory enough faith for those late-night itches. Living without it is sure to be more costly in the long-run.


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