August 11th – Not-so-Big, Big moments

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“Sometimes God dresses the miraculous in the garments of the mundane” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     Little, insignificant moments. They fill our lives. I used to call it boredom, but the older I get, I call it “blessings.” Taking out the trash. Watching an old movie with my children. Walking the park with my wife. Doing paper work. Reading a good book. Reading a dull book. Cutting the grass. Brushing my teeth.

     I have come to believe that monotony is underrated. Sometimes God dresses the miraculous in the garments of the mundane. Think about how much we take for granted. We give little thought to the daily and consistent blessings of God. However, if those “little” things were extracted from our lives we would find ourselves with gaping holes of discontent.

     So learn to appreciate the predictable. Be thankful for the “humdrum.” Glorify God in the simple, small, and seemingly insignificant moments of life. For in those moments, God is preserving us from tragedy, trials, and tears.

     Take a few moments today and be thankful for the little things. The smallest of circumstances shine with the goodness and providence of God.


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