July 31st – The Rarity of Revival

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“We don’t need more methods on file, we need more men on fire”–Vance Havner

     The modern church has learned how to create a pretty effective religious experience. Lights, visuals, sound, slides, screens, smoke, stage, mood, and atmosphere all play into the state-of-the-art modern worship service. The problem, however, is that in spite of all the wonderful, sensational, and extraordinary experiences we have, very seldom does the church have actual encounters with God.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can duplicate, replicate, or authenticate the presence of God except for the presence of God. There are no substitutes. But substitutes are what we usually get. Like the money-changers in the temple, we happily sell people a worship experience that offers no transformation; all the while, the tables in our own hearts are being turned over by the Messiah who simply longs for our affection and attention.

It is evident: we need revival. But have you ever wondered why we rarely see it? I am not contending that it doesn’t exist; neither do I promote revival as a lost cause. With fervent heart I believe God can still speak to dead, dry bones. But the key to revival is intention and repentance. If God’s people do not intend to seek God, turn from sin, and thirst for His presence, revival will only be read in the catalogues of history.