July 23rd – I’m Not Lucky, I’m Free

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Recovering freedom: a man breaking a chain. Digital illustration.

“Our biggest problem in life is not getting the victory, it is keeping the victory”–Kenneth Kuykendall

     There is a dog in our neighborhood who is notorious for escaping his leash. His name is Lucky, and he has, at times, been on the loose for days just roaming the subdivision. His elusive behavior makes him very difficult to catch.

Recently, we heard a loud scrapping noise outside of our home. When we traced the sound to the street, we saw where Lucky had once again escaped. However, this time he didn’t break his leash; he actually pulled the metal plate and pole out of the ground from which his leash was tied. Needless to say, Lucky was on the loose, but moving very slowly. This time, Lucky was not that lucky. His owners quickly responded and easily captured their wayward dog.

Many Christians live the same way. They are “loose” from the bondage of sin, but they are dragging around things that slow them down. Living in such a way makes it a lot easier for the capture to take hold of their lives.

Christ said, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). Jesus did not die so that your sins could be tied around your neck. He died to liberate you from a life of bondage and oppression. That doesn’t make you lucky, that makes you free!


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