July 20th – We Are One in Christ

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“Our entire confidence and acceptance before God is based solely upon the fact that Jesus is our legal representative”–Jerry Bridges

     In the late 1800’s, Chile and Argentina were positioned against each other for war. It seemed as though conflict was inevitable; however, during Holy Week, Monsignor Benavente preached a message of peace and hope on Easter Sunday. The sermon influenced the leadership of the church in such a way that a campaign for peace between the countries was underway. Slowly the mindset of the people began to turn against warfare and toward harmony.

With the movement now in full swing, a peace treaty was officially signed by the two governments which promised arbitration for future conflicts. As a result of the agreement, all the guns of the frontier fortress was melted down and used to create a bronze statue of Jesus Christ. Erected 13,000 feet up a mountain in Buenos Aires, the statue stands as a monument of grace. Beneath the statue an inscription reads, “He is our peace who hath made both one” Ephesians 2:14.

Christ Jesus is the end of the conflict. His death on the cross abolished the eternal battle with sin. He united humanity into one body and one faith. Today we stand with Him in victory, claiming His promise of eternal life. We can lay down our guns, and rest in His peace atop the mountain.


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