July 17th – Godliness and Contentment

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“The virtue of contentment is the acquiescence of the mind in the lot God has given”–William Ames

     In his first epistle to Timothy, the apostle Paul gave us a formula for success. He said, “But godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6). When joined together, godliness and contentment produce something very special in the life of a believer. Though this formula sounds simple, many people have it confused.

1. Some Have Neither Godliness nor Contentment. These people live in a state of rebellion to the things of God. They refuse to acknowledge His ways in their life, and are miserable in the process.

2. Some Have Contentment but Lack Godliness. These people enjoy the world and their sin. On the surface they may seem happy, but their joy is superficial and shallow. They accumulate earthly wealth, degree, and position, but give little or no thought to eternal things.

3. Some Have Godliness but Lack Contentment. These people have rules, regulations, and standards by which they live, but lack joy and peace. They may be saved, but they don’t enjoy it the way God intends.

4. Some Have Both Godliness and Contentment. These are people who have learned the simple formula of the good life. They live for God and pursue those things that advance the kingdom. They are saved, separated, and satisfied with the Lord. They have great gain.


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