July 16th – Intentional Devotion

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“It’s hard to meet the complications of the day if we fail to meet the Creator of the day”–Kenneth Kuykendall

     I never use an alarm clock. My wife has always been amazed at my ability to get up without any assistance from obnoxious sounds. To be honest, I am pretty good at it. It is though I have an internal timer that arouses my senses at whatever hour I need to rise. The reason I can get up at whatever time I need to without an alarm is because I intend to do so; I have purposed in my mind to get up. I go to bed with that intention; I rise up to that reality.

The same is true with the devotional life. The reason why many Christians will never know the joy of daily devotion is because they have failed to make it their goal. They intend to do other things: work, play, rest, read, sleep, exercise, go to the ball game, and whatever else. Their schedules are kept and maintained through the forces of priority and intention. In the face of busy lives, they find themselves in an unsuccessful search for meaning, fulfillment, and contentment.

Like any other discipline, daily devotions must be regimented and regularly maintained until it becomes a natural inclination. Devotions should not be robotic or mechanical, but they should be integrated in such a way that we grieve if they are forfeited. It’s hard to face the complications of the day if we fail to meet with the Creator of the day.


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