July 15th – Spectator Spirituality

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“Creedal Christianity has created a church of people who profess their faith but whose lives are disconnected from their words”–Bill Hull

     They crowd the stadiums in droves. They bring their signs, paint their faces, buy their tickets, and lift their voices. They cheer for their team in semi-psychotic fashion. They spend hundreds, if not thousands for the experience; and seem to be enthralled with rapture from start to finish. In religious fashion, they bow down to the “gods” on the field. They breathe in every moment until the final play is complete.

After the game is over they depart with hoarse voices, and empty wallets. They wash off the war-paint, discard the empty pop-corn boxes, and return to their cars, looking for their sanity on the way. The last few hours were “spirit-filled” to say the least, but reality is calling, it is time to go home. It will be days before they return; for some, longer than that. Although they enjoy the weekend adventure, they are just fans, they are not players.

This could be a scenario at any sporting event in America…it could also describe the spiritual reality of many Christians. The modern church is full of spectators; militant perhaps, but spectators nonetheless. Although they involve their lives and invest their time, they are not actually part of the team. The difference between a player and a fan is what you do after the game is over. Live for God daily, not just when the crowd gathers.


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