July 14th – Dying to Live

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“I am resolved to never do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life” – Jonathan Edwards

     There was a young man who was dying to graduate and get out of high school. After high school he went to college and was dying to get out of college. After college he was dying to get married. After he got married he was dying to have children. After he had children he was dying to get them through high school and out of the house. After his children got out of the house he was dying to have grandkids. Once he had grandkids he was dying to retire from his job. Once he retired he was dying to travel. After he traveled a few years he was just dying. On his death bed dying he looked back and realized he had never lived.

Many people live in the past. They can’t get beyond the failures or successes of yesteryear. Who they are is defined by moments that have come and gone. The good ole days are their moments of glory.

Many people live in the future. They anticipate some huge, fanciful event to come and change their life. Like the fellow who was dying- he was always looking forward to something else. Those who live in the future are always planning and preparing for something else. Certainly we should remember our past; and indeed we should prepare for our future. However, living in the past and the future robs us of enjoying where we are, and who we are in the present. Don’t live to die- die to live!


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