July 11th – The Gift of Giving

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“Giving is one of the great experiences of the Christian life. Embrace it, enjoy it; and God will enlarge it”– Kenneth Kuykendall

     It was John Bunyon who said, “You have not lived today unless you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.” Giving is not just an act; it is an attitude, a mindset. Giving may manifest itself in the form of an offering, pledge, or neatly wrapped present, but it is birthed in the heart and nurtured in the soul. The person who constantly pours out the goodness of God from his life will never go wanting.

It has been frequently said that “God will give you to give more than He will give you to keep.” If this is true, we are forced to frequently evaluate our stewardship over God’s daily benefits. To the self-made man, “keeping” is a natural inclination. We hoard up our possessions, invest our savings, collect our treasures and stock-pile our belongings, all in the name of security. We make a living, but we miss out on building a life.

When we selflessly give our last portion of meal to kingdom advancement, God ensures and maximizes scoops from the barrel. He enables us to stand amazed in the kitchen as we prepare each meal of provision with the widow. You may argue, “But I worked for this house, or I paid for this car.” And it is probable you did. But it is improbable that you did without the strength, ability, intellect, and breath of God.


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