July 8th – Giving Silver, Getting Gold

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“The more I gave away, the fuller of happiness and blessing my soul did become” –Hudson Taylor

     Before Hudson Taylor became the world-renowned missionary to China, he worked with a field doctor in preparation of his ministry. One night he was asked to visit a poor widow woman who had become very ill. He began praying for the lady in her desperate situation but was convicted by the fact that he possessed the exact amount of money this sick, starving mother needed. Although this was his last piece of silver, Taylor thought to himself, “How can I ask this woman to trust God’s provision when I will not trust God for my own?” Taylor gave her the coin.

The next day, an unmarked, anonymous package arrived for the soon-to-be-missionary containing gold that was worth ten times the amount of that silver coin. Taylor never discovered who sent the package, but attributed the gift to the provision and providence of God.

Taylor would later write about God’s goodness, “I soon found that I could live upon very much less than I had previously thought possible. My experience was that the less I spent on myself and the more I gave away, the fuller of happiness and blessing did my soul become.” China and the world at large have since felt the impact of such generous faith.

DAILY SCRIPTURE READING: Psalm 119:89-119:176

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