July 6th – Beyond the Grave

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Cemetery, Vermont, USA

“Death may be the king of terrors… but Jesus is the King of kings!” –D.L. Moody

     There was a Chinese man who kept his family tradition by placing meals on the graves of his loved ones. An American in the same graveyard witnessed this unusual sight and wondered about the odd practice. He approached the Chinese fellow and said, “Sir, let me ask you a question. When will your loved one eat that meal?” Pointing to the fresh flowers in the hands of the American, the man replied, “As soon as your loved one will be able to smell those roses!”

Death is an appointment that every man is required to keep. It cannot be postponed or rescheduled. What we do with Christ determines how we die. In Luke 16, two men died simultaneously; one man was buried and lifted his eyes in hell, while the other was carried into the presence of the saints of God in heaven. Two very different destinations, yet both of their fates were final.

In death there are no more roses to smell or meals to consume. There are no second chances. This issue of death is an urgent matter. Today is the day of salvation, now is the appointed time to believe in Christ and place your faith in Him for eternal life. Roses will fade, meals will perish, but the souls of men live forever.


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