July 3rd – Influencing Our Children

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“We teach what we know. We reproduce what we are” –John Maxwell

     Our influence is felt most significantly by those closest to us. This is especially true as it relates to parents and children. Henry Ward Beecher said, “The humblest of individual exerts some influence; either for good or evil upon others.” Regardless of how you influence your children, be certain, they are being influenced. Here are three essential elements of influence:

1. Time. Hanz Finzel said, “Only through association is there transformation- we cannot change people if we do not spend time with them.” This is especially true as it comes to our kids. Years from now they will not remember the gifts or presents you bought them as much as they remember the moments you shared with them.

2. Training. We are instructed in Scripture to “train up a child” in the way he should go. Training involves trial and error, correction and discipline, love and grace. Effective training is ultimately rooted in the relationship you have with your child.

3. Trust. John Maxwell said, “The length and breadth of our influence on others are directly related to the depth of concern we have for them.” Trust is built through consistent love and affection. It is the hinge upon which our influence turns.


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