June 13, 2016 – Learning to Let Go

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When I let go of what I am, it is then I become what I might be” –Unknown

     There was a little boy who got his hand stuck in the family vase.  His mother knew the heirloom was extremely valuable so she didn’t want to harm the vase but she saw her young child getting impatient.  She tried everything from pulling and tugging to squirting hand soap down the priceless heirloom; but nothing work.  When her husband got home and evaluated the situation he knew what he had to do: he took a small mallet and slightly tapped on the expensive container.

Immediately the vase cracked from top to bottom and fell into pieces on the ground.  It was then they noticed their son’s clenched fist.  Surprisingly the parents asked, “Have you been clenching your fist the entire time?”  Seeing his parents upset he opened his fist and said, “Yes, I didn’t want to let go of my quarter.”  The valuable heirloom was destroyed for a grand total of 25 cents.

What are you holding onto?  Sins of the past?  Doubts of the future? Uncontrollable worry? Regret? Fear? Sorrow?  When we fail to let go of these things we stand the chance of ruining and destroying something much more valuable.  Much like this boy, many people cannot find freedom from their circumstance because they refuse to release the little things in life.  Don’t lose the family heirloom over a quarter- open your hand and give whatever it is to God.  Learn to let go and be set free.

Daily Reading: Psalms 1-8

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