June 9, 2016 – Renew

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“And be renewed in the spirit of your mind”–Ephesians 4:23

     I remember the Sunday morning that our new church theme, Renew, was revealed. It is perfect and exactly what I need!  During that evening service Pastor spoke about how people were already experiencing renewal.  I am sorry, but I honestly thought to myself, “How can they be renewed after mere hours?  They have to be saying it just to make the pastor feel good.  Nobody can be renewed that quickly!”

We began a prayer revival that following Monday, and I heard people making confessions before their church.  I heard many testimonies about people wanting to give up.  I watched as people cried all the way to the altar and then stood up rejoicing.  I heard prayer after prayer asking God to renew hearts, minds, and joy.  I got to watch as He did just that!  God quickly revealed to me how wrong I was in my initial response.  He can bring renewal and restore joy in mere hours.  He created everything just by speaking.  He can do anything!

I realized that while renewal, “the repair of something that is worn out or broken”, might begin with me; it has to be God that does the work.  Yes, I must want renewal and I must be willing to get things out of God’s way, but the actual act of renewal is something I have to let God do.  God is the only one who can restore my joy and repair the broken pieces.  I am not capable of repairing myself.  After all, I am the reason I need to be renewed in the first place

Submitted by Shawn McEver

Daily Reading: Job 32-34

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