June 8, 2016 – Naturally Critical

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“By a Carpenter man was made, and only by that Carpenter man can be remade”– Desiderius Erasmus

     My wife, Allison, was reading from a Bible story book one morning that is part of Hadli’s homeschool curriculum. Hadli was in her place beside mommy but she wasn’t happy about it. In fact, she was staring disdainfully at Hudson while he played in the floor. “Huddy, if you don’t like sitting down listening to Bible stories then you don’t love Jesus,” she told him arrogantly. My six year old was being judgmental! She’s not around preachers that talk this way and her parents definitely do not. There was an original thought process that took place in her mind that produced this critical spirit and it’s the same process that takes place in the mind of any judgmental Christian. “I hate what I am doing and I want you to be just as miserable as I am.”

     A sincere walk driven by a sincere love for God doesn’t just lead a man away from dark sins and filthy lifestyle habits. Sincerity and love for God will also draw our critical attitudes to a close. If what we have is just a formality and a chain, though, it’s going to make us naturally critical of all who aren’t as bound up as we are. Real love for God, on the other hand, will make us naturally benevolent with the truth we hold and the freedom we know! Only one of these ways of life is going to propagate the gospel.

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: Job 29-31

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