May 29, 2016 – Run Your Race, Part 1

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“Ye did run well; who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth?”– Galatians 5:7

     Week three of the Run for God class was probably the week that set everything in perspective, it’s also where our class theme came from.  The lesson began with a story about Jimmy Page, the VP of Field Ministry for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  In the story, Jimmy tells about his first ever Triathlon and the advice he was given to “run his race” and not worry about the other competitors.  Jimmy goes on to explain that he didn’t heed the warning and in the first event he nearly drowned because he was trying to keep up with the other, more experienced, stronger racers.  Jimmy finishes the story by saying, “I nearly had to quit… I got caught up in the excitement of the event and decided to abandon my plan and do what the other competitors were doing.”

      How many times do we do the same thing as Christians?  So often we focus on works and what other people are doing.  Perhaps we worry that we may not be doing enough and start trying harder, only to feel like we are drowning.   Before long, we find ourselves running the worldly race and trying to be good enough.  Just like the Galatians (Galatians 5:7), we find ourselves off course with no sight of our ultimate finish line.  The truth is we are eternally saved by grace; it is nothing we earned and nothing we do keeps it secured.  God has designed your race, don’t get off course, stick to His plan, and Run Your Race.

Submitted by Shawn McEver

Daily Reading: Esther 1-5

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