May 14, 2016 – Impossible without Dad

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Man and boy (4-5) holding hands, rear view, close-up on hands. CREDIT: Jose Luis Pelaez / Stone photo ** TCN OUT **

“For without me ye can do nothing” – Jesus Christ

     My two children were trying hard to assemble a gift they had received but we’re getting nowhere with their efforts. They both kept calling for me to come help and, finally, ran into my room where I was playing my guitar and insisted that this toy was impossible to assemble. Hadli took my hand as I stood up to accompany them back upstairs. No sooner had we made it out of my bedroom, her frustration completely disappeared and she confidently stated, “it doesn’t look like it will be hard to put together at all, dad.” This toy was so difficult to assemble that it nearly had her in tears. However, the same exact situation appeared completely doable now that daddy was on the way to help.
Most of the difficult situations that you and I face in life look impossible because we are trying to piece it all together on our own. We try and fail and try and fail again. “For without me, ye can do nothing,” Christ whispers in our minds. When we finally turn to our Father, we look back at that same difficulty and it appears entirely simple. His mind makes sense of the mess. His hands sort the pieces into the right places. His work settles our emotions. Confidence grows in our hearts when we bring Him onto the scene. The sentiments of my daughter have rang in my own mind a hundred times. “This doesn’t look hard, just impossible without you, Dad.”

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: 2 Chronicles 18-20

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