May 8, 2016 – Sandy Floors

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“Whatsoever things are true…think on these things” –Philippians 4:8

     After merely five days at the beach, the floor of our condominium was completely coated in sand. We were dusting our shoes off, rinsing our feet before we came in, and leaving the sand toys outside. No matter how hard we tried, where we had spent our waking hours was evident inside our place of rest.

      The fact is, trash doesn’t just appear in our homes. The things that crowd our closets, the junk we stash out of site, the items we trip over in the basement, the boxes that fill our attics, the garbage that overflows in the kitchen; all of these items are things that we brought into our homes. We work hard to carry these items out of the house and often neglect to stop carrying them in.

       What is inspiring the selfishness in your children or the attitude in your spouse? Why do you battle the disappointment and dissatisfaction that you find in your own heart? Could it be that, in your efforts to rid your home of these items, you’ve neglected to realize the avenues by which you are bringing it all in?

       Where does your mind spend its days and nights? What are you allowing your eyes to see and ears to hear? What are you tracking into your home from these places? Getting it out is essential but ceasing to bring it in is the key.

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: 1 Chronicles 25-27

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