April 19, 2016 – The Growth of Greatness

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“Greatness is not born overnight, it is developed over life.”  –Kenneth Kuykendall

     A group of tourists visited a small, quaint village one day and saw an old man sitting by a fence.  Discussing the history of the area, one of the tourists asked the old man, “Sir, were there any great men or women born in this village?” The old man just stared in the distance and said, “Nope, just babies.”
Greatness is not just born, it is developed.  If you believe in the sovereignty of God, you can’t help but think that certain people were born to do certain things.  However, that does not relieve such people from responsibility and growth. Even the Lord Jesus, the perfect, sinless Son of God grew in stature and in favor with God and men (Luke 2:52).
Wayne Cordeiro says it like this, “For a lifetime of growth, continual learning is essential. Experience alone will not guarantee learning. It’s what you learn from your experiences that will transform your future. Your future is not comprised of the sum total of all your experiences, it will consist of how you have defined them.”
Greatness, therefore, is not just born overnight, it is developed over life.

Daily Reading: 1 Kings 21-22