April 13, 2016 – Men Who Must Be Stopped

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“The greatest tragedy in the church is not error; but that so few people recognize it.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     So skilled is error at imitating truth” said A.W. Tozer, “that the two are constantly being mistaken for each other.” Such an observation succinctly describes Christendom in these last days. Sure, there have always been tares among the wheat, but in these last days, the lines of spirituality and doctrine are blurred as never before. Perhaps the greatest tragedy in the church is not error; it is that so few people recognize it.

William Howells said, “Parts and parcels of truth are the most envenomed shafts which fly from the bow of Satan.” The malignant fruit in the modern church grows in the satanic soil of deception and destruction. Even as the serpent of old crept his way into the Garden of God, these men find ways to infiltrate the church. False teachers and preachers are simply doing the work of their evil employer – to corrupt the souls of men.

When the apostle Paul penned down his pastoral instruction to Titus, he mentioned a group of men who “must be stopped.” Tomorrow we will look at the description of these men and how to deal with their wicked ways.

Daily Reading: 1 Kings 6-7

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