March 25, 2016 – An Identity Crisis

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“I am a child of the one true King.”–Matthew West

     Some of the worst days for me are the days right after some of my best days. God will allow me to impact lives with my music or pull a discouraged soul from a ditch or love a struggler who feels forgotten, and it really lifts me emotionally. Spiritual things aren’t the only things that encourage me. Sometimes my highs come from having a productive day on the job or impressing a new business acquaintance, or maybe the sun is shining just right while the right song is on the radio. The “stars” align and life seems beautiful; but then inevitably, normal life returns and I find myself wondering what my purpose is again.

Mundane, ordinary life brings on a reoccurring crisis when the spectacular days are where we find our identity. Mistakes rattle us when success is our source of security. Clouds and rain are just as vital parts of the weather as sunshine and summer breezes. The earth is not defined by the seasons and the weather, it is defined by life. When I was seventeen years old I was born into new life as a child of the King. I’m going to see some great weather in my life but it should no more define me than the bad weather I face. Life is who I am. Now that’s a stable source of identity.

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: Ruth1-4

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