March 23, 2016 – A Likely Story

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“If you’re not afraid to face the music, you might someday lead the band.”–Spuk Tiding

     My hometown of Athens, Georgia has a well known homeless settlement located on private property adjacent to Lexington Road. The site is known as Tent City. I was recently visiting this community when I met a woman named Sally who has lived in a makeshift shed on the property for eight years. While standing near a pile of beer cans she claimed that she was homeless because she believed just like me but her family didn’t see eye to eye with her about her faith.

Initially you want to laugh when you hear a grown woman make such an excuse but she is simply acting out a concept that you and I will often employ if we are not diligent. See, we have selfish flesh that is very gifted at making poor choices and, in the midst of the resulting consequences, we find someone or something other than ourselves to place the blame on. The business world is plagued with broken families that needed dad to be around a little more, the church has a string of casualties that needed the people of light to be a little less self-absorbed, and the homeless community is filled with self-inflicted addiction problems. Imagine how much resolve could come to our problems if we were willing to take inventory and be honest about our flaws? Freedom is a beautiful thing but she is married to an inconvenient spouse named Truth. He’s an ugly rascal but you’ll love his better half if you can just learn to get along with him.

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: Judges 16-18

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