March 22, 2016 – Sword Included

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“Faith is only real in obedience.” –Dietrich Bonhoeffer

     In his book Not a Fan, author Kyle Idleman tells a story of the Knights of Templar. When they came to the church for baptism they would submit to the ordinance with their swords in hand. However, when they were submerged under the water, they held their swords up not allowing their weapon to go underneath. It was the knights’ way of saying, “You can have control of me, but you cannot have my sword.”

A lot of believers submit to Jesus in the same fashion. We sing from our hymnbook “I Surrender All” while our heart is saying, “I Surrender Some.”

We compartmentalize our lives to the point where we give Jesus portions and segments. We are not against the Lord having our Sundays, but what about our Friday nights? We do not mind singing with our lips in the choir, but how do we speak with those same lips in the workplace? We have no problem watching the preacher for thirty minutes, but what do we watch on the internet?

Like the Knights of Templar we grasp our swords tightly and refuse to relinquish all rights to Jesus. The Lord does not want some of you, He wants all of you –including your sword.

Daily Reading: Judges 13-15

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