March 13, 2016 – More Than a Pig Race

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Never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret.”–Dave Willis

     A few weeks back I had the opportunity to take my family to one of those fun dinner shows in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. One of the events was a pig race. The gates opened, the crowd started shouting, and these two little pigs ran like they were on fire all the way around the arena and into a cage on the other side. Next, they added obstacles that the second set of pigs would have to jump over. It was quite entertaining.

I noticed that these pigs were oblivious to the fact that a couple of thousand people were watching them and laughing at them. There was a treat in the cage on the other side of the arena and that is all they were interested in. One, flesh appealing snack was enough to entice these simple minded animals into throwing all their dignity to the wind and acting like fools for this crowd of people.

Doesn’t it make you wonder what the petty items are that Satan is making fools of us with? Is it prosperity or popularity? Is it immorality or gluttony? Here we are, blessed with breath from Heaven, purpose in life, and callings from God, and we are running like immature little pigs around in circles for temporary pleasure. To make matters worse, the whole world is watching. Let’s don’t wait until judgment day to be embarrassed, let’s get embarrassed today so we can make the necessary changes to get out of these pig races we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Submitted by Zach Whitsel

Daily Reading: Joshua 12-15

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