March 11, 2016 – The Revolution of the Redeemed

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Ordinary people telling ordinary people about an extraordinary Savior is the heartbeat of the Great Commission.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     When Jesus commissioned His disciples into the world His intent was to evangelize the nations. Just a handful of men revolutionized the surrounding community and ultimately the world at large. These men were not scholarly or brought up through rabbinical training. On the contrary, they were “unlearned and ignorant men.” But they were willing.

In his book, Follow Me, David Platt asks, “How is your life going to impact every nation, tribe, tongue and people in the world?” He answers, “This is not a question for extraordinary missionaries; this is a question for ordinary disciples.” Ordinary disciples telling ordinary people about an extraordinary Savior is the very heart of the Great Commission.

The idea that one individual can impact the world seems daunting and quite impossible. But when we give our time, money, prayers, and effort to the propagation of the gospel, God multiplies our efforts in ways we cannot measure. One dollar, one testimony, one mission trip, one life can change the world. How is your life reaching the nations? How much of your budget goes toward spreading the gospel? How many people have you told about Jesus this year? You don’t have to be extraordinary; you just have to be obedient.

Daily Reading: Joshua 5-8

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