February 20, 2016 – The Law of Intention

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“When your holiness becomes tarnished, let your happiness become dim.” –A.W. Tozer

     In his book, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, William Law concluded that people fail to embrace holiness because they lack the intention of doing so. He suggested, “The reason why you see no real mortification or self-denial, no eminent charity, no profound humility, no heavenly affection, no true contempt of the world, no Christian meekness, no sincere zeal, no eminent piety in the common lives of Christians, is this, because they do not so much as intend to be exact and exemplary in these virtues.”

I have heard people excuse their unrighteous living because they say the Christian life is too difficult. Yet these same people work difficult jobs, maintain difficult schedules, and work fervently to solve difficult problems. They are able to overcome the difficulties because it is their intention.

Yes, living holy is difficult at times, but it is possible through and in our position and relationship with Jesus Christ. Holiness has become almost a taboo subject in our culture, but God still requires it. We are to “be holy, even as He is holy.” Unless you intend to live holy, you will never attempt to be holy; and thus living without it, you’ll never know the joy of living with it.

Daily Reading: Numbers 21-22

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