February 1, 2016 – Yesterday’s Storm

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“Perceive something as a threat and you will experience fear even if there is no danger at all.” –Tom Marshall

     We had settled down for a restful, relaxing evening with the kids. We recorded a movie a few nights back on our DVR and planned to watch it without commercial interruptions. Just a few minutes into the plot, and suddenly a red flashing storm warning came across the set. The sound was muted, a buzzer started ringing, and a strong-weather alert came across the screen. I immediately knew this warning was from last week’s storm. However, because we were watching something previously recorded, it came across the television set as though it was happening in real time and space.

This immediately concerned my youngest child. He wanted to take cover. His tone, disposition, and voice changed. Last week’s storm, which had already passed, literally paralyzed the joy and excitement of watching the movie.

I had to quickly explain to him the situation, and it didn’t take long to settle him back down. However, it took me awhile to process what the Lord spoke into my heart. Too often, like my child, I am bothered by yesterday’s storm, forgetting that God has already brought me through it.

Daily Reading: Leviticus 1-4

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