January 8, 2016 – Don’t be Afraid to Cry

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“Touching wounds amid the unbearable pressure to perform tasks–that was the model of Jesus.” –Hans Finzel

     Not long ago I was buying some groceries in a local supermarket when I noticed a young child crying desperately for her mother. On a busy aisle, several consumers had jammed their grocery carts together causing a momentary separation between mother and child.

One moment the girl was picking out her favorite cereal, the next moment she couldn’t find her mother. I saw the fear come over her face as she looked around. Momma was nowhere in her sight; she was quickly moved to tears.

The mother, however, knew exactly where her baby girl was. She had kept her eyes on her during the entire ordeal. She was actually only a few feet away. Hearing her daughter’s cry, she immediately pushed through the carts and consoled her child.

Sometimes it feels like God is nowhere around, but I assure you, He is closer than you think or realize. He knows where you are and He will do what it takes to make Himself known. Don’t be afraid to cry, He is attracted to your weakness. He is moved by your tears.

Daily Reading: Genesis 25-26

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