December 21, 2015 – Christmas Memories

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“The Lord’s presence among humanity affords us the opportunity to give presents one to another.”–Kenneth Kuykendall

     As a child I always enjoyed the excitement of Christmas Eve night.  Baking cookies, listening to festive music, and playing games were all part of our family tradition.  Of course I enjoyed all of those things, but as a child what I really wanted were the presents.  With anticipation I would slip off to bed with dreams of receiving the items on my list.

Many years have passed and to be honest, I do not remember a majority of those items under the tree; but I can still recall the feelings of joy and elation from that time of the year.  I have come to realize what made those gifts so special were the people who gave them. With each passing Christmas you realize the true meaning of the holiday-it is not about the gifts, it is about the givers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love unwrapping presents and exchanging gifts. But I love them for different reasons now.  I love them because they represent growing relationships, life experiences, and memories made.  For my family they represent the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ.  The Lord’s presence among humanity affords us the opportunity to gift presents one to another. So as you make final preparations for the “big day” be sure to relish the wonderful truth that Christmas gives you more than gifts- it gives you memories.

Daily Reading: James 1-5

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