November 25, 2015 – Looking for a Sign

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It is certainly true that hardly anything is missing from our churches these days – except the most important thing” –A.W. Tozer

     Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if restaurants took their names off the buildings and marquees? You would have to wonder what kind of store it was and what services it offered. Suppose hospitals took down their ER directional signs. Many sick and injured people would wander aimlessly as they sought medical attention. Such a scenario would be annoying because, as a culture, we like signs, symbols, and names. They point us in specific directions about specific places.

Restaurants, businesses, professional offices, and the like have particular identities that describe a particular service…and for the most part, we insist on such things. However, when it comes to God’s House there is a growing trend of shallow, vague, superficiality concerning identity.

Why do people insist that the church to be something it is not? Furthermore, why do spiritual leaders try to revamp the image, identity, and purpose of the church? God didn’t permit His Son to die on the cross so that we can have a coffee shop, nightclub, or strip mall. The church at large has converged with the popular trends of the world thus losing its identity in the process. We are salt and light. To be anything different is to promote a nameless Savior and a Christless eternity.

Daily Reading: Romans 4-7

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