November 24, 2015 – God Knows all the Details

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“God invites us to take a holiday, to stop being God for awhile, and let Him be God” –Simon Tugwell

     As a leader, I oftentimes have to make tough decisions. Many of those decisions are based off of information that is not known by the masses. Sometimes a decision has to be made that seems unpopular to others; but if they knew all the information, they would better understand the thought-process. I learned years ago that my job as a leader isn’t to make popular choices; it is to make the right choices with the information I have. God does the same thing, the only difference: He has all the info.

Sometimes we question why particular things transpire in our lives. We suffer loss, experience difficulties, and endure problematic circumstances. In our limited knowledge, we question why God allows such things to occur. We have thousands of questions…what we do not have is all the information. But God does.

God sees farther than us. As a matter of fact, He sees it all, the end from the beginning. He is not concerned about what is popular, He is concerned about what is right. God can’t help but be anything but right. He is righteously right. If you are having a hard time understanding the Lord in this particular season of life, just remember this: God has all the information; He is doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Daily Reading: Romans 1-3

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