October 23, 2015 – Listen for the Crickets

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“The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent.” –Alfred Brendel

     An Indian chief visited New York City with one of his cultured friends. In the middle of Times Square the chief said, “I hear a cricket.” His friend told him he has imaging things; there were too many noises surrounding them for a cricket to be heard. The chief went to a shrub near the sidewalk and found the cricket chirping. The amazed friend asked how he did it.

The Indian chief said, “It’s easy really, you listen for things that are important to you.” He proceeded to throw down some loose change on the sidewalk and the entire block turned in silence. “See what I mean?” said the chief.

In this noisy, clanging, tone-deafening world we live in, may I ask: What do you hear? I guess the bigger question is what do you desire, what do you pursue? What has your attention?

Many times we fail to hear the right things, the good things because we are overwhelmed by the loud things. The TV blares, the cell phone rings, the radio plays, the car horns honk…if we do not listen carefully, we may very well miss the call, the sound, the resonance of another world. Listen carefully today, and you just might hear things others cannot hear.

Daily Reading: Luke 1

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