October 11, 2015 – Stand Up and Stand Tall

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“The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.” –Ancient Proverb

     During World War II, King Christian of Denmark noticed a Nazi flag flying above a Danish building under the watchful eye of a German officer. When the King commanded the flag to be removed, the officer said he was flying it according to instructions from Berlin.

“The flag must be removed by 12 o’clock or I will send a soldier to remove it,” said the King.

“The soldier will be shot if he attempts to move it,” replied the German officer” to which King Christian courageously said, “I am the soldier.” The German officer slowly removed the flag from the building.

In the face of global evil, King Christian had the courage to fight as a soldier. Doing good will not always land you in the most convenient or comfortable situation, but it is there your integrity and character will be tested. Abraham Lincoln said, “Be sure your feet are in the right place, and then stand firm.”

We need some Christians in these last days to stand firm, stand tall, and stand up in the face of wickedness, regardless of the outcome.

Daily Reading: Matthew 22-23

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