October 10, 2015 – The Catalyst for Change

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“Redirection to God is often a road paved with affliction and travail.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     When a trial exposes your weakness and immaturity to the point where you are willing to see and make changes, that trial indeed is a successful experience in your life. We oftentimes try to push such hardship away, when we should actually embrace it. It is true, we don’t like storms, we despise battles, and we try to detour the valleys. But there is saving and sustaining grace in such places.

Richard Swenson said, “Anything that redirects me to God is a benefit.” Redirection to God is often a road paved with affliction and travail. It was Paul’s thorn that ironically made him strong in weakness. It was Job’s calamity that made him patient in sorrow. It was Lazarus’s death that actually granted life in the grave.

Right now you may be going through a season of weakness and vulnerability, but consider this truth: Such affliction may very well be the catalyst for change. Instead of asking God to get you through it, consider asking God to get it through you. The disappointment, heartbreak, affliction, and distress may very well be the instrument God uses to equip you for a better life, one in which God gets the glory in your weakness.

Daily Reading: Matthew 20-21

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