October 9, 2015 – The Repentance Tower

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“Many blush to confess their faults who never blush to commit them.” –William Secker

     In the sixteenth century, a Scottish man by the name of John Maxwell (obviously not the popular leadership guru) built a tower near his home to serve as a place of defense for his surrounding area. During an intense battle, the opposing side bribed Maxell to use his tower as a means to secure the victory over his own countrymen. Twelve lives were lost in the battle including Maxwell’s twelve-year-old nephew.

After the conflict was resolved, Maxwell fell under deep sorrow and grief about his act of treason. Above the door of the tower, he placed an inscription that read “Repentance Tower.” It was said that Maxwell spent a majority of his remaining life near the place.

Our sin is an act of treason against God. It keeps us isolated, indifferent, and separated in our relationship with the Lord. If we allow our sin to linger hinders our intimacy with the Savior. Thomas Fuller said, “You cannot repent too soon, because you do not know how soon it may be too late.” Run to the tower of repentance today. Find grace at its door and mercy at its threshold. Repentance is the place where you’ll meet God often.

Daily Reading: Matthew 18-19

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