September 26, 2015 – Real Talk

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Truth is so obscure these days, and lies so elaborate that unless we love the truth we will never recognize it.”– Blaise Pascal

     We live in a culture where the persona we put off is just another part of our fashion statement. We use things like social media, materialism, and church affiliation to paint a picture of ourselves to the world around us that looks absolutely beautiful–it’s just rarely real.

Deep inside we have painful pasts that we are hiding, insecurities we are compensating for, flaws we feel like we can’t change, and struggles that we don’t want anyone to know. All the very things that should make us needy children at the feet of the Father get put in the closet with the door shut, because we feel like we wouldn’t fit in very well if we came to terms with it all.

The defining factor of Christianity is holiness. Purity and sincerity are the key here. As Christians, we should stand out to the world around us, not because of the polished outfit we have on, but because of our healthy relationship with the truth. To hide behind a mask is to attempt to fix the problem ourselves. Since we have Christ for that, we don’t have to pretend any more. We don’t have to hide. We can be different because we can be real.

Submitted by Zack Whitsel

Daily Reading: Nahum 1-3

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