September 23, 2015 – How to Stay Defeated

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Our biggest problem is not getting the victory, it is keeping the victory.”–Kenneth Kuykendall

     Elijah experienced one of the greatest national victories in the history of Israel. He descended from Mount Carmel having glorified his God. Victoriously he prayed down fire from heaven. But within a few short verses Elijah was on the run for his life. He entered into a cave discouraged, defeated, and ready to die. Why such extremes? Better still, why do we too experience defeat after such great victories?

  1. Elijah Lost Sight of God. His victory on Mount Carmel came from his clear vision of God, when he took his eyes off the Lord and onto his trouble he grew discouraged.
  2. He Ran Away from His Problems. Instead of facing Ahab and Jezebel he ran in fear for his life. Elijah lost his courage and conviction to fight.
  3. He Isolated Himself from Others. Not only did he try to run from God (an impossible task), he alienated himself from other people.
  4. He Allowed Circumstances to Control His Joy. Elijah permitted external circumstances beyond his control to rob him of his contentment.
  5. He Forgot About Past Victories. The defeat came just as quickly as the victory. Spiritual amnesia set in and Elijah hastily forgot about the power and provision of God.

Daily Reading: Amos 6-9

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