September 22, 2015 – The Value of Wisdom

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I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”– Abraham Lincoln

     Henry Ford asked electrical genius Charlie Steinmetz to build the generators for his factory. One day the generator’s ground came to a halt, and the repairmen couldn’t find the problem. So Ford called Steinmetz, who tinkered with the machines for a few hours and then threw the switch. The generators started back up and quickly Ford got a bill for $10,000 from Steinmetz. Flabbergasted, the rather tightfisted car maker inquired why the bill was so high. Steinmetz’s reply: For tinkering with the generators, $10; for knowing where to tinker, $9,990. Ford paid the bill.

Wisdom is a wonderful thing. King Solomon said it was the “principal” thing, and instructed us to get understanding above everything else. Every day we are faced with decisions that need to be made, and if we make those decisions consistently without the right counsel and insight, we will ultimately fail in life. Wisdom is better than rubies and gold, and the person who finds wisdom will find true happiness. Knowledge may give you a living, but wisdom will give you a life. Knowledge may build you a house, but wisdom will build you a home. Knowledge may give you a career, but wisdom will give you contentment. Pursue wisdom; ask Charlie Steinmetz- it pays!

Daily Reading: Amos 1-5

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