September 15, 2015 – A Successful Career

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Let’s be so busy loving God and others that we have no time for hate, regret, worry, or fear.”– Brandon Blair

     I started an eBay business when I was fresh out of high school that turned out to be pretty lucrative for an eighteen-year old that was still living at home. As sales increased I invested in more product quantity and variety. After a couple of years there were three or four others that began selling the same product, and as the prices got cut and the profits got reduced, the same spreadsheets that fueled my fire at the beginning were telling me it was time to find something else to do.

In my Christian life I have found that success doesn’t always depend on results. The job description God has placed on my life is to love Him with every ounce of my being and to love my neighbor as unconditionally as I love my own self. This year I may work just as hard at those two tasks as I ever have in the past, only to watch them go totally fruitless and unnoticed in the world around me. Even if the spreadsheets come back empty, the job description won’t change, because in God’s business the profit and loss statement is none of my concern. All I need to remember is that if I love Him today and if I love people today I have found success!

Submitted by Zack Whitsel

Daily Reading: Daniel 1-3

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