September 9, 2015 – Baby on the Way

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When you and I can’t change the world around us, we can change the world within us.”–Warren Wiersbe

     Nearly five months ago my wife and I learned that our first child was on the way. Our first thoughts were filled with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and honestly, a little fear. Within the first month I began to adjust our budget in order to save for the baby’s arrival. A month later we began filling a bedroom in our house with children’s furniture, and within three months we were getting new clothes, for both my wife and the baby. Life is changing fast, and it is all because we are preparing for our baby’s arrival!

Thinking on the preparations of our new arrival led me to the question: Do we live daily with the same anticipation of the Lord’s arrival? These past five months have flown by so fast, and I know the next four will go by even faster. Our child will be here before we know it. Our life is the same way; one day here, the next, gone…

We have but a short time on this earth in which to serve the Lord and prepare for His coming. I believe He is coming back very soon, but even if He tarries His coming another 100 years, we ought to live each day as though He were coming tomorrow. Will He find you ready; working for Him; serving in His field? May each of us be busy in the Lord’s work, that when He returns we may hear Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Submitted by Daniel Ertley

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 31-33

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