September 7, 2015 – Inward, Upward, and Onward

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Assortment Of Bizarre Road Signs

Action springs not from thought but from a readiness of responsibility.”– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

     The Old Testament book of Haggai only contains thirty eight verses which are divided into two small chapters. The size of the book may seem insignificant, but the substance of the book is insurmountable. The ministry of Haggai is set around the time of the rebuilding of the temple. The people of God initially started the temple with vigor and enthusiasm, but they became hindered in their work. Instead of pressing through the hardships, they laid their tools of industry down and began focusing upon their own homes and lives. Haggai comes upon the scene with three convicting words: Consider Your Ways.

Haggai directed the people of God to look inward. When he said “Consider Your Ways” he was placing responsibility upon each individual. It is easy to look at others and determine what is wrong in their lives, but we are to consider our own ways.

Haggai then told the people of God to look upward. He pointed them not only to God, but to the mountain from which they should gather their material. He instructed them to get up, go up, gather up, and grow up.

Finally, Haggai told them to look onward. The House of God needed some visionary pioneers to regain their cutting edge. They needed to get back to work and finish the project for the glory of God.

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 25-27

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