August 31, 2015 – The Fight is Coming

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Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand.”  –The Apostle Paul

     When I think of having to fight in a war I like to imagine myself on the top of a steep hill in an extensively guarded bunker with an extremely powerful weapon fighting an enemy that never strikes back! Sounds good, right?

The Christian life is a battle but, unlike the scenario I just described, it’s a battle that relies on you using short range weaponry while being in ground level conflict face to face with the enemy. Most of us are ready to fight so long as there isn’t going to actually be a fight. What happens when the fight really starts, though? Will we be deserters? No good will ever come of our lives if we run and hide from the face of real adversity.

God gave us a cause that He said would be worth nailing our own selfish desires, along with our flesh, to a cross for. Philippians chapter four tells us that the peace of God comes from leaning on Christ. The promise is that we will be filled with peace on the inside, not that we will be surrounded by peace on the outside. The world needs to be changed. There is a cause to live for. Are you prepared for battle?

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 5-8