August 23, 2015 – Triumph in Transition

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It is during the changes of life that we most often see how God doesn’t change” – Kenneth Kuykendall

     Webster defines transition as “the passing from one condition, stage, or experience to another.”  Someone has astutely stated, “Life is pleasant, and death is peaceful; it is the transitions that are troublesome.”  Most would agree with that statement.  We typically do not like transition and for good reason.  Transition brings new challenges, new problems, and a new set of fears.

Life is a collection of seasons; it is constantly changing.  There is no way to keep life from moving.  Our success in transition is determined not by what happens to us, but rather what happens in us.  So the question becomes-how do we respond when a new chapter opens up?  What is our attitude like when life shifts gears?

One thing I have discovered about transition is that it is simply a means used by God to fulfill His plans for us.  God opens and closes doors not to simply “uproot” our lives, but rather to “root” our lives in Him.  It is during the changes of life that we most often see how God doesn’t change.  Transition affords us the opportunity to see the immutable character of God.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  When life is swiftly changing, and new phases are being implemented, anchor your soul in the One Who “changeth not.”

Daily Reading: Jeremiah 38-41

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